Life as Music


Life is a tune which has no da capo; and those who play it wrong at first sight, never have an opportunity of correcting their errors.

——James K. Paulding, Letters from the South.

Industry Brings War to an End

Commerce and industry are certain to end the folly and barbarism of war; since the rise to consciousness of the working classes (who fill the armies) will make their community of interest the world over plain to themselves, and they will see that to hire themselves out to kill one another is a crime to common humanity.

——Anna Monsch Roberts in Popular Science, 1908. She wrote about six years before the First World War.

Carrying Your Mind With You


A man can carry his mind with him as he carries his watch; but like the watch, to keep it going he must keep it wound up.

——Lew Wallace, Autobiography.

Dangerous Genius


In the republic of mediocrity genius is dangerous.

——Robert G. Ingersoll, Testimonial to Walt Whitman

Epes Winthrop Sargent on Writing Comedy

Make every action tell both the story and the comedy and you have a comedy. Until you can do that don’t write comedy.

——“The Scenario Writer” column in Moving Picture World, 1912.