Industry Brings War to an End

Commerce and industry are certain to end the folly and barbarism of war; since the rise to consciousness of the working classes (who fill the armies) will make their community of interest the world over plain to themselves, and they will see that to hire themselves out to kill one another is a crime to common humanity.

——Anna Monsch Roberts in Popular Science, 1908. She wrote about six years before the First World War.

The End of War

War may be prohibited some day, but probably you’ll always be able to get one on a doctor’s prescription.

——Franklin Pierce Adams.

The Truth Comes Out

Since 1850 I have killed my grandmother, burned an orphan asylum, embezzled fifty thousand dollars, and committed arson. These facts came out soon after I was nominated for a political office. They came out in an opposition paper. They always do; and the only way to prevent their appearance is to buy the paper—or its editor.

—John H. Williams.

On Not Joining the Army

I think it is much better to be a miserable poltroon during a war than a one-legged organ-grinder after it.

—Will W. Clark.


Governments are generally about twenty years behind the intellect of their time. In legislation, they are like parents quarrelling what kind of frock the boy shall wear, who, in the meantime, grows up to manhood, and won’t wear any frock at all.

——From Atkinson’s Casket, 1833.